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[IP] Loving it.

Hi guys I just want to say I love this ol' pump. I read your message
about being frustrated about not getting under 200 in one week Bonnie,
but I agree with the others not to stress.  That is 11mmols for me your
200. I use to say I'd like my sugars to be between 5-10mmols but now I
should really be saying 4-8mmols. I'm not doing to bad now and am really
looking forward to my next Hbca1 at the end of October. I like the way
the pump can correct highs quickly and I like how there is no quick
major lows anymore. Plus I like being able to eat if I want now by just
bolusing. Very handy with small children.
I also love this group and read it every night.
Bye Cathy.

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