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Re: [IP] Crimping-what of it?

I have had a couple of unusual experiences with cathiders (feel free to
correct that spelling). One time (I am using the mini med soft sertier
with the soft sets) I changed sites and as the evening drew on, the site
began to hurt. It did not prevent me from bolusing, nor did my sugars
rise, but, if I moved just right, ouweeeeeeeee! THAT HURT. About 11:00
that evening, I could take it no more (being the sensitive 90's type of
guy that I am). I ripped that darn thing right out. Whew! Was that a
relief! Every thing looked OK as I examined the cathider (feel free to
correct this spelling). However, as I took my trusty loop and examined
it closer (printing term: loop: small magnification device; magnifies
objects up close up to  12 times normal size). I saw that the end of the
thing had a small chink in it. So the pain was due to the fact that
everytime I moved it sort of cut and scratched my innards (feel free to
correct this one too).

Tonight was a little different (keep in mind, I am not sure this counts
as crimping-I am assuming that the last instance was due to the fact
that some of plastic remained lodged to the needle-but God knows). It
just got progressively uncomfortable, why I am not sure. I pulled it out
when I arrived home from work and found that a tiny stream of blood came
with it. I am used to seeing a little red when you pull out, but, this
was leakage from the site. Not real nasty and no fear of infection, but,
the site was uncomfortable. I am guessing that I might have been close
to a blood vessel and that was the source of irritation. Has anyone ever
expeinced anything similar to these? I would like to hear some stories
of some crimping as well. As far as I know It has never happened to me,
but, I have only been pumping for about 3 months now.   :-)

Tim T.

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