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Re: [IP] 24hr urine test (was: welcome caroline)

email @ redacted wrote:

> << So what is the procedure for collecting the 24 hour urine?  In other
>  words, what am I in for with Kayla when she needs this? >>

Kasey,To add to the below message:  Sometimes they will give you these plastic hat
things that sit between the toilet seat and the toilet (they use them in hospitals
too).  Then, Kayla just pees as usual but it catches it and you can pour it into
the jug.  It eliminates much of the slop and spill and probably much of the trying
not to have to go to the bathroom I always did for those days as a kid.  It's a
tad embarrassing if someone happens to come over, but other than that it makes
everything easier.  You probably have to ask around -- I know a few times I've
been given them and I was often given them to use as a teenager.


> Kasey,
> Well, since I have the orange jug sitting here waiting for me to do this, I'll
> answer. Your doctor (or lab) will provide you with a large jug to collect the
> urine.  She will need to void her bladder first thing in the morning, not
> collecting that urine.  You record this as the "start" time.  She should
> capture all her urine for the next 24 hours.  I use a plastic cup (disposable)
> and pour it into the jug.  It is best to keep the jug in the frig. (don't
> worry, nobody will get it mixed up with the orange juice...).  The last
> collection is done the next morning at the same time as the start time
> recorded the previous day.  Then, you should try to take it to the lab on that
> day, so they are working with a fresh sample.
> It can be kind of a pain to do, not easily done on a school day, or a day you
> are planning a big family outing, for obvious reasons.  But, the information
> gathered is valuable.  I would sure rather know about potential kidney
> problems sooner, rather than later.
> MJ
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/