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Re: [IP] 24hr urine test (was: welcome caroline)

   Pretty basic- first a.m. urine goes in the toilet..thereafter, every time
she goes, collect it in a large plastic container & transfer it to the
collection jug ( which has to be kept refrigerated & can be obtained from any
lab). The first a.m. urine the following day will be the final addition to the
jug, which is then dropped off at a local lab. Your doc should give you a lab
slip with the necessary tests to be run. We usually do this on a Sunday, so
that Melissa is home the entire day. It's also advised that it be somewhat of
a "couch potato" day if possible. We've done about 10 of these by now - it's a
nuisance, but that's the only down side.  In fact, the last time she did this,
we were dropping the specimen off & the guy at out-pt. registration was a
cute, young college student. He asked Melissa why she was having the test done
& she mumbled "diabetes" to which he said "yea - don't you hate it when you've
collected all the urine & then on the next morning, you forget to "catch it" &
ruin the whole test?"....Yup, a fellow pancreatically-challenged teenager!!!

Regards, Renee

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