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Re: [IP] Speech

On  4 Oct 98 at 19:38, Bagwill Family wrote:

> Okay, here is some background.  I live in a rural area.  My doctor is the
> only endo in Mid-Missouri who is registered to start patients on the pump.
> The University Hospital which has a huge diabetic center does not believe
> that pump therapy is any better for patients than MDI. 

What's this about "registered to start patients on the pump"?  I live in a 
rural area in Western Kentucky and am the only patient my doctor has on a 
pump...  There is another doctor (an internist) who has five or six patients on 
a pump... Neither of them ever heard about anyone having to be "registered" to 
start patients on the pump.   There is a CDE about 45 miles away who has 
experience in starting patients on the pump and there are trainers for MiniMed 
and Diesetronic about the same distance away...  the trainers, CDE and the 
doctors work well together and in the region (within 100 miles) there are a 
number of pump users.   

It's sad that any place could have something called a "diabetic center" and yet 
be so backwards about pump therapy...  

>     In February he is trying to set up a meeting with most of the endos in
> our area to explain the benefits of the pump to them to try and convince
> them they should be at least more knowledgeable about pump therapy and
> hopefully to convert them to helping their patients who want to start
> pumping.  He has asked me to come and give testimony (speech!) to these
> doctors and to answer questions.  I have told him about this list and he
> said it sounded great.  What my question is (after all my rambling) is does
> anyone have any suggestions on how I should go about enthusiastically
> endorsing the pump without sounding like an idiot to all these medical
> people?  Any suggestions would really be appreciated.  Thanks.

Get some help from the list about these topics :

1.  Insulin pumps and how they help with "difficult patients" - those with 
strange schedules or other problems.

2. Difficulty of using a pump - with the current technology it doesn't take a 
lot of effort to handle a pump.  For many people it's actually easier to "be 
compliant" with a pump than with that "is it 4, 5,  6, 7 or 8 shots today and 
should I use the NPH at 8:00 or the Ultralente at 7:30... or should I just take 
a shot at random... protocol called MDI"

3.  The pump works.  It finally allows a person with diabetes to be a real 
person intead of a blob of flesh on the end of an insulin syringe...  of course 
many doctors want us to be brainless blobs on the end of a syringe because it 
feeds their power trips...

4.  Based on  the DCCT and other studies anything that improves (lowers) A1c 
values is worthwhile...

Randall P. Winchester
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