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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] Them's FIGHTIN' words!!!!

Hi Eugenia,
Just to let you know, When I had my first, and only I hope, site infectio=
n I went to the surgery clinic as UCSF.  Low and behold the senior MD too=
k care of me.  He was VERY interested in the pump and made a point of run=
ning me past alot of the students.  I was happy to be the guinnea pig du =
jour.  The rest of the medical world is learning, but you're right it doe=
s seem to be a bit slow.  Take care.

- ----------
>      Okay, I'm going to put my .02 in. Many diabetes nurse educators =
>      the pump with saline to get a feel of what it is like to wear a =
>      pancreas. If more endos would do this to really get a feel for wha=
t it
>      is like to wear a pump and try to get more first hand knowledge =
>      what their patients are dealing with, maybe they would not be so =
>      to jump to conclusions.
>      When I recently had surgery, my pump made the staff so nervous tha=
t I
>      had to show five different people how to put it into a suspend mod=
e (I
>      should have made them pay for batteries). I did stress that under =
>      circumstances were they to do this and that they were to call my =
>      educator instead. But, it really amazes me that there is such a =
>      of training in a pre-op area of a hospital. In other words, more =
>      just endos need to have further education regarding diabetes.
>      If doctors are so intent on making sure that their diabetic patien=
>      have good HbA1c levels then they need to do more reading themselve=
s on
>      how pump therapy is the way to go to achieve this.
>      Now, I'll get off of my soapbox.
>      Eugenia
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/