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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder

> When I completed my profile at the web sight, I noticed one of the
> complications related questions was about frozen shoulder.  I've had
> this problem in both shoulders (at different times) but never
> associated it with my diabetes.  I assumed I'd done some damage
> doing shoulder press exercises. What's the connection, and what
> should one do to avoid the problem?
I can only speak from my own experience with the problem (also both 
shoulders) but I'm not diabetic myself (I'm a dad). Frozen shoulder 
is more prevalent among diabetics, but anyone can get them. In my 
case shoulder #1 resolved itself after about a year. About 4 years 
later shoulder #2 froze up solid - required almost 18 months of PT to 
get it fixed. The trick to prevent the problem according to the doc 
(and it seems to work) is to do the 'exercises' needed to keep the 
joint flexible and fully articulated before there is loss of motion. 
This involves sometimes painfull stretching and manipulation of the 
joint. In addition, I have found that certain movements and loading 
of the joint aggravates the condition. I am fairly strong (6'2" 195), 
but repetitive lifting of cardboard boxes weighing only 5 - 10 pounds 
really makes both shoulders very sore. I can lift a few things, even 
very heavy without difficulty, but doing it over and over 
repetitively does something bad?? Also throwing balls has 
become verbotin. The high stress of the throw, even of a tennis ball 
sometimes makes the should hurt for a week or two. Sadly, I also have 
3 sons with whom I do not now play ball. Anyway, my advise would be 
to identify and avoid the things which put the 'bad' stress on your 
joints and work with a physical therapist to establish an excersise / 
stretching program to keep the joint limber. That should only take 
one or two hours from a good therapist familiar with shoulders to 
provide you with a written plan and walk you through each exercise.

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