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Re: [IP] Pre-filling Reservoir!

> So I was wondering, I believe I remember seeing something on
> here before about pre-filling the reservoirs and keeping them in the
> refrigerator. I would like to do that and keep a few at school for Jason.
> Hopefully it won't happen again, but I would feel better knowing he has it
> if he needs it. But before I do this, I want to be sure this is o.k. to do.
> So does anyone have any thoughts on this?????

Yeah, but there gonna sit there and get real OLD unless you 
diligently rotate them. Your son really only needs to have a 
standard insulin injection syringe in his bag of goodies. Lily has 
had one broken syringe in 4 years. She has however run out of insulin 
a couple of times when she has been somewhere, school , wherever. Her 
solutions which we have discussed by never practiced have been these 
two. On one occassion, she simply removed the syringe from the pump, 
drew the insulin she needed from the luer lock with a standard 
insulin injection syringe by poking the little syringe into the luer 
lock of the big one and gave herself a shot to cover her insulin 
needs. On other occasions when she has run out of insulin (no 
delivery alarm), she has disconnected her set, removed the syringe 
from the pump, disconnected the luer lock and drawn air into the 
syringe, replaced the syringe in her pump and primed a 5 unit bolus 
to tighten the drive arms, reconnected and gone about her business. 
The 20 or so units in the supply line have been more than enough to 
get her by until she got home and could refill the syringe.
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