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Re: [IP] glucagon nightmare

> I encourage parents to attempt to get their children to eat honey
> or jelly or something they can't spit out rather than go the glucagon route.
> Of course, if the person is totally unconscious or extremely combative, you
> have no choice.  But I have heard parents who say they give glucagon when
> there child is very low no matter what their compliance is.  I think there is
> alot of misinformation out here.  I would be terrified for someone at school
> to do this to my child unless I know them very well.  Adults unfamiliar with
> diabetes PANIC and I think they overreact.  This is just my opinion.  I know
> alot of you will disagree.

Excellent advise Ellen.

I would instead give Glucose Gell. It is much faster than juice, 
jelly, honey, all which contain complex sugars which much be digested 
before they will release glucose into the blood stream.

Glucose Gel applied to the mucose membrane (gums) is absorbed 
directely into the blood stream. I have used this procedure with Lily 
when she has been unconsious but with a working gag response. She 
came around nicely in about 10 - 15 minutes. She was not really all 
'there' for a while after that, but her bg level came up to 80 that 

Glucose gel comes in plastic tubes and foil pouches in doses that 
range from 25 to 50 grams. A tube/pouch squirted slowly into the 
mouth and rubbed on the gums (if unresponsive) works very quickly and 
like Ellen says, does not leave one with the 'hangover'. It also does 
not further the body's glucose stores by kicking the liver into high 
gear like glucagon does. Granted, it makes a mess, glucose gel in the 
hair, on the bod, all over the pillow, etc... but it WORKS.

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