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Subject: [IP] Highs after sof-set change

     After you change your site when using silhouettes, you need to bolus 
     .5 to cover the dead space.
     Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 23:33:43 -0400 (EDT)
     From: Miranda Miller <email @ redacted>
     Subject: [IP] Highs after sof-set change
     Before going to the silhouettes, one thing to consider is that after 
     withdraw the needle, there is some extra space in the cannula with no
     insulin, where the needle used to exist.  I bolused part of a unit to
     cover that, I don't know how much it is though.
     I actually switched to silhouettes after site problems and find them 
     more comfortable than sof-sets (though harder to insert).  On 
     it is particularly important to fill the 'dead space' in the cannula 
     insulin (that bolus amount is documented somewhere) because you insert 
     set before priming the cannula.
     Good luck with figuring out your set changes

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