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Re: [IP] Frozen Shoulder

At 10:18 AM 10/05/1998  Kevin Cottingim wrote:
>When I completed my profile at the web sight, I noticed one of 
>complications related questions was about frozen shoulder.
>had this
>problem in both shoulders (at different times) but never 
>associated it with
>my diabetes.  I assumed I'd done some damage doing shoulder
>What's the connection, and what should one do to avoid the 

Yes, frozen shoulder is associated with diabetes. And, I don't
know what can be done to prevent it. I'd never lifted weights or
done any heavy lifting when it happened to me. When my left
shoulder got it, I went through physical therapy for a month...
it helped increase my range of motion. Basically there are
stretching exercises with weights that will gradually get things
back into shape. It's not fun, but it does work. This year, out
of the blue, my right shoulder got it... I just keep stretching
it in different directions. It's a bit painful, but it gradually
helps in the long run. 

You might see if you can get some of the exercises from your
doctor... if you have some small weights: 2lb, 3lb and 5lb...
that's mostly what you need.


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