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Re: [IP] Peanut Butter

At 10:15 AM 10/05/1998  Kevin Cottingim wrote:
>I love peanut butter.  Sometimes, for my dinner, I just want
>and peanut butter.  (Yeah, I know it's not very healthy, but I 
>love it).
>The next morning my blood sugars are through the roof.  I'm
>about carb counting with both the crackers and the peanut
> Has
>anyone else had this challenge?  Recommendations or ideas?

Just a wild guess, but it could be the fat content in both the
peanut butter and the Ritz crackers that are doing it. You might
want to try the reduced fat version of peanut butter (not a
major reduction, but it helps a little). I don't know if there
is a reduced fat version of Ritz or not. Be aware, though...
reduced/low fat products often have an increased carb count
(they add sugars to compensate for lessening the fat). But, at
least the carbs hit you up-front and you can more easily
compensate for them with a bolus.


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