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Renee wrote:

> Sorry to disagree, but your info on the proteinuria was not what we
experienced. Melissa's been on Vasotec for 16 months now & when her latest 24
hr urine was done in May, the level of protein had dropped from 1500 to 288.

Hey! you arent disagreeing Renee!  *YES* the ace inhibitors lower the protein
- - proven fact - that is why me and melissa and caroline et al take them, but
as I understand it, microalbuminism is when the number is UNDER 200 and is not
as detrimental to the kidneys as is proteininuria (+200) and again i am not
sure of that 200 number..

I was +1500 when I had my first 24 hour urine in 5 years years.  I was down to
about 800 less than a year later and now, after 4 years, I am down to like
475.  This is a wonderful improvement, but no amount of capoten or protein-
less eating will get me OUT of proteininuria...which is what causes/leads to
the kidney problems we ultimately face.

That is the point of early 24 hour tests...if you can get to the problem while
it is microalbuminism, it is believed that the ace inhibitors can halt the
progression.  Of course, it is a LIFETIME drug kinda like insulin...but if it
keeps the kidney's from petering out - GREAT, I'll take it!  The drug study I
was on was for a drug believed to not only HALT the progression, but reverse
it...but I have not heard anything since the study ended in July...bummer

So, ya see!  we aren't disagreeing! 8-)

Thank goodness that family heard your story and didn't listen to the doctor!
All diabetics need to have 24 hour urines - even "newbies" - just cuz your dip
test is normal doesn't mean the 24 hour one will be!!!  Don't wait for the
"oil light" to come on before you check under the hood!


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