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[IP] Police and Hypos

Joanne wrote:

> The second policeman was young (mid 20's) and said he was taught 
> at the academy that hypos cannot be left untreated.  I was impressed.

Hey Joanne!

I am too!!!  That is great!  I am glad to know there are some good ones out
there!!  Where do you live?  

I have read with interest about how much you enjoy the pump - so glad to hear
it!!  I also lost weight my first 3 months on the pump, and mainly attributed
to the fact that i was writing down everything I ate and I hated writing down
"entire bag of Fritos".  Also I was taking more accurate boluses of insulin
instead of, say, 5 units, or 10 units.  As time passed, I gained some back -
instead of taking 2.3 units, I'll take an even 2.5 - just lazy.  I am trying
to do better now - cuz all those .2 units add up.

I still experiment, but a lot less OVER insulinating and alot less panic
gobbling when i am low - when i went on the pump i started carrying dex tabs
on a regular basis...so instead of snarfing a snickers and 1/2 a package of
oreos, I could pop 4 dex tabs...and me with my analytical mind would try to
calculate out how much my bs SHOULD go up, then correlate the actual results
to the supposed results...etc...i am now doing the same thing with my
workouts...it cost *this* much to join and i have worked out *this* many
times, so the average cost per workout is...  $30.43  same  concept...

i'd buy a walkman to give me something ELSE to think about while I am on the
treadmill, but then I would have to factor in the cost of THAT, and the cost
of the batteries, and the cost of blank tapes to copy my CDs onto...plus I'd
have to buy new shorts, cuz the elastic on the ones I have now are almost
stretched out completely with the weight of the pump, and I don't think they
could handle a walkman TOO!

Sara  *-)=B xoxx ~~~~~~[507]  (long tubing this week)

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