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Re: [IP] Peanut Butter

Hi Kevin: =20
You have got to be a good ole southern boy!! I was taught by my daddy very =
early that Peanut Butter was a staple to be used on toast, waffles, ice =
cream, RITZ of course, and bananas, apples, to name a few things.  My =
mother shuddered and thought we were very disgusting!

I always have the same problem when I eat peanut butter at night - even =
the "reduced fat" kind (my observation is that reduced fat creamy causes =
less raise in bgs than reduced fat crunchy - course, crunchy tastes =
better.)  I usually bolus 1-2 more units than carbs recommend - depending =
on how many reduced fat Better Chedders I am going to eat with my peanut =
butter. =20

It works for me, although, what I have learned from this group and the =
recent discussions on FAT/ delayed Absorption / etc..  is that setting a =
square wave bolus or a later basel/bolus might be better for that 5-7 hour =
delay in absorption due to fat content. =20

Try it and see what works best for you. =20
Peanut Butter Lovers Unite!!


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