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[IP] ellen's vein story

Ellen wrote:

> He insisted he was great at threading veins.  I felt like I was giving my 
> child a chance to prove himself.  [SNIP]
> However, it amazes me that phlebotomists, RNs, and Drs. rarely 
> want to take the advice of a person who has a lot of experience 
> BEFORE they try it their way first.  [SNIP]
> When we get very hostile and combative, they feel forced to listen to
> us. That is my experience anyway. 

ROTF ellen!  I really do want to HELP when I tell them I suck and roll, when I
suggest they use a butterfly and when I point out the few successful places -
I do not think I am superior or know more than they do, cuz I would never in a
million years be able to draw blood this way, I JUST DON'T WANT PAIN AND
BRUISES!!  It still burns me when they decline to listen to me.  They nod
their heads, roll their eyes...then they blow my veins out, or have to DIG
around in my elbow like they are drilling for oil...

Hope your hands weren't too bruised to knock him upside the head!!!


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