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[IP] Pre-filling Reservoir!

Hello everyone,

     this is Leisha, Jason's mom.  Jason is still doing great with the pump.
Twice though, due to his activeness, he has broken off the tip of his
reservoir. Once he fell on it, the other time some boy threw a basketball at
it. The boy was aiming to hurt Jason and got his pump instead. Anyway, he
refuses to wear anything but the waist it. I can't even get it off him to
wash. lol.... So I was wondering, I believe I remember seeing something on
here before about pre-filling the reservoirs and keeping them in the
refrigerator. I would like to do that and keep a few at school for Jason.
Hopefully it won't happen again, but I would feel better knowing he has it
if he needs it. But before I do this, I want to be sure this is o.k. to do.
So does anyone have any thoughts on this?????

                                   Sincerely, Leisha
email @ redacted

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