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[IP] How low can you go

Bob wrote:

eeek!!!! zero?  zilch?  nada?  mamma mia!!!  did not know that was possible -
but thanks to everyone for the info on the glycolysis ...Barb...10 minutes?
really - oh my gosh!!  and about the glycagen depletion...Someone asked about
being low 24-72 hours later after a hypo - I did know about this and I thought
it had something to do with that liver replenishing thing...

I wonder if I have ever passed out while asleep, due to a low, then woken up
once my liver had dumped enough in me....ewww I dont wanna live alone no
more...someone wanna marry me?  never mind - I don't want no defective
husband...just kidding.  I dread the thought of falling out of my loft bed
when my sugar is 45, and the ladder is no longer merely 6 feet high, but more
like 60 - that is why I keep the dex tabs up there...but as Bob wrote:

> just cause I'm conscious doesn't mean I'm competent.

what if I decide I *really* need to go walk around and swing my legs over the
edge into free fall??

> I've always understood that the liver dumps it's entire supply
> of glycogen - it doesn't carefully measure it out. When it's gone, what
> happens to replenish it?

ok - now what i have *heard* and what the premise of one of those newfangled
diets, is that a normal body "remembers" how much insulin it dumped after each
meal.  So if after one meal it had to dump lots and lots cuz you ate a high
carb/calorie meal, then the next time you ate, it would dump a whole bunch of
insulin.  However, if you don't actually eat a high sugar meal that time, then
as the blood sugar drops, the body dumps in its glycagen stores...so then the
next meal, it dumps less insulin, nad so on, kinda a vicious cycle.  I think
what that diet says you have to "train" your pancreas to release less insulin,
you will be less hungry, and you will lose (NOT "LOOSE"- spelling counts)

For us, however,  we eat a meal and we take our bolus - there is no insulin
dumpage from the pancreas going on.  IF we messed up and took too much, the
liver is still working and it dumps in the glygagen, but we also feel the low
and dump in lots of dex tabs, oreos and orange juice....resulting in a high
(aka as rebound),  which we cover and eventually bring us back down...The
liver meanwhile has to rebuild its stores and it takes 12-72 hours (YMMV), so
XX hours later, we have another low...cuz for some reason, our body thinks it
is having another low and wants to avoid that...maybe it is based on your
circadian rhythms...  I don't know...just how I try to rationalize things I
guess...someone will probably correct me, but I hope they will be nice about

and Bob - I will let you know when the workouts get down to "free". It should
be on or about the 12th of never, but i will keep ya posted.  They are at
$30.43 right now

hugs and kisses  (hershey ones of course)

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