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[IP] Speech

Okay, here is some background.  I live in a rural area.  My doctor is the
only endo in Mid-Missouri who is registered to start patients on the pump.
The University Hospital which has a huge diabetic center does not believe
that pump therapy is any better for patients than MDI.  I know this the hard
way because 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son I was having
horrendous lows (being treated at the university) and asked about pump
therapy and was told "It is not necessary, won't help with the lows I must
be doing something wrong."  Needless to say I changed doctors to my new one,
who helped even things out and as soon as he was able to get the training
and knowledge on pumps, started me and several other patients on them.  My
doctor has been talking with these endos showing them before and after logs
from his patients that he has started on pumps.  (I was his 3rd)

    In February he is trying to set up a meeting with most of the endos in
our area to explain the benefits of the pump to them to try and convince
them they should be at least more knowledgeable about pump therapy and
hopefully to convert them to helping their patients who want to start
pumping.  He has asked me to come and give testimony (speech!) to these
doctors and to answer questions.  I have told him about this list and he
said it sounded great.  What my question is (after all my rambling) is does
anyone have any suggestions on how I should go about enthusiastically
endorsing the pump without sounding like an idiot to all these medical
people?  Any suggestions would really be appreciated.  Thanks.


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