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[IP] Wait Time

Hi Elisabeth,
Congratulations on the tremendous improvement in your A1c.
I will try to answer your questions.  I waited almost 2 years for my pump=
, it took finding a new endo.  If your current endo doesn,t know a lot =
about pumps you 'may' be able to educate her.  I know that MiniMed has =
info that they can send.  I would suggest that you become as educated as =
possible about pumping.  You are going to be the one that has to prove =
to any MD that you are ready.  As for you particular situation, there may=
be valid medical reasons for you endo suggesting that you all go slow. =
 You should really try to pin her down for specific reasons.  With that =
information you (and mom or dad) can make a better decision on how to pro=
cede.  My A1c pre-pump was around 8.5 it is know around 7.8,  I am workin=
g to get down into the lower 7's or upper 6's.  The very best of luck.
email @ redacted
IDDM 15 yrs.  507 1yr+ using Humalog

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