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Re: [IP] Hooked up

Stacey, you will do fine if not better.  I saw the video, read the book, went
in the CDE office, hooked it up, and I was off and running.  It really was not
that difficult a transition for me.  I never had to go to a hospital and I
really don't see why anyone would unless they were way out of control.  My dr.
did a pretty good job of setting up my initial basal rates and I just had to
fine tune it from there.  I will admit that it requires some time to adjust to
the new lifestyle.  The adjustments are self motivating because I felt so good
and I wanted to learn so much.  My problem was not having anyone to ask that
actually knew.  I didn't discover this site until much later.  Hey, you're
already on it.  You are going to do great.  Happy Pumping!  ellen

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