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Re: [IP] Hard to find veins?

Sara, your story cracked me up.  I'll tell you mine.  I had surgery last
Wednesday and the anesthesiologist came in to start the IV.  He was looking at
the back of my hand and I casually commented that noone has ever been able to
put an IV back there for years.  I pointed out a vein on the side of my wrist
that usually works very well.  The dr. looked like he was about 20 and
reminded me of my 15 year old telling me how great he is.  He insisted he was
great at threading veins.  I felt like I was giving my child a chance to prove
himself.  Anyway, after he blew two veins on the back of my hands and
apologized by saying he was sorry that I would have some bruising there, he
proceeded to start the IV where I had originally suggested with no problem.
It was kind of amusing to me because I haven't needed medical tmt. such as an
IV in several years.  However, it amazes me that phlebotomists, RNs, and Drs.
rarely want to take the advice of a person who has a lot of experience BEFORE
they try it their way first.  I could have insisted and I do when I have to
stay in a hospital, but it is just amazing how they really don't want our
input.  When we get very hostile and combative, they feel forced to listen to
us. That is my experience anyway.  ellen

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