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Re: [IP] Them's FIGHTIN' words!!!!

Sam & Frank:
     Thanks for adding some calmer perspective to this issue. What I found so
annoying about the responses was that neither doctor advised the 12 yr old to
send for the pump videos, or read any available publications (such as
Minimed's "Teens Pumping it Up") or "speak" to other young pumpers about their
experiences. Once again, I'm reminded of how the ob-gyns must have reacted 25
yrs ago to the thought of husbands actually being in the delivery room. Their
arguments against that notion were probably as fallacious as those proferred
by these doctors against kids using pumps!!!  Of course, pump therapy isn't
for everyone - but the implication that "checking 4 times per day" would be a
difficult task for the 12 yr old reflects an almost prejudicial attitude
towards pre-teens. I recently spoke to a Minimed employee whose 12 yr old son
has been pumping for 3 yrs.  His endo was also adamant about NOT putting him
on the pump, so the mom found another endo.  Thereafter, she persisted in
faxing the original endo her son's vastly improved bgs & especially his
A1Cs......Surprise, surprise...guess who's now putting kids on pumps! 


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