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[IP] Them's FIGHTIN' words!!!!

The folowing excerpt was sent to me by a fellow Pump Proponent (mom of a
successful pumper) who was outraged by the response given to an inquiry about
pump therapy by a 12 yr old.
Anyone else care to tackle this? By the way, the doctor who responded 2nd (be
sure to scroll all the way down) had responded in comparable fashion about 6
months ago.
2 other "pump moms" and I all wrote to express our dismay at the
MISinformation being disseminated regarding kids on pumps. Needless to say, he
did NOT take too kindly to our criticism!!!.....Now that this IP group is
nearing 600 members, including some "pint-sized pumpers" who are considerably
younger than 12, I think this Dr. needs to "broaden his horizons".

Thanks, Renee

(this is what was sent to me.....)

The following was posted at the Children With Diabetes Ask the Team section of
the website.  I personally am very disheartened that these two physicians have
given little hope to a child who appears to make a conscious effort to want to
improve his life.  If you have a comment about it, I urge you to write to the
Doctors themselves.  You can write to the doctors by going to the URL below
and clicking on each physician's initials.  
How Dr. Quick has the nerve to ask this child "who is going to pay for the
pump?", is beyond me.  I hope the 12 year old wrote back and said he'd be
starting a lemonade stand on his front lawn Saturday mornings between 6 and 8
a.m. and would save up....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr