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Re: [IP] Highs after sof-set change

At 11:06 AM 10/03/1998  Sam Skopp wrote:
>At 02:55 AM 10/03/1998  SBrown wrote:
>>With the Sils you are to Bolus or Prime .5 units to cover the 
>>where the needle was..
>I think the correct amount is closer to 1 unit... according to
>the MM Silhouette insert sheet (dated 10/97)-- "It is generally
>advisable to administer a bolus of at least 0.0075cc (for
>insulin: approx. 1 unit of U-100) to fill the empty space in
>cannula after the introducer needle is withdrawn". 
>This may be a YMMV situation and some people seem to find that
>only 0.8 units work OK. But it sounds like 1.0 unit is what

Oops... I sent this one twice... just hit the delete key once.


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