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[IP] Hooked up

Hi Everybody,

                 I received my Minimed 507C on Monday. I was so excited
to get it finally that I was shaking while opening the package. I have
done so much research on this wonderful device for over three months and
finally I am actually holding it in my hands!!!

                I called my endo and told him that I had it .You see, I
got brave and bought it before I actually have seen him. Anyway, the
"trainer" for the Minimed pump was thrilled that I have done so much
research. I have been playing with the pump, reading the manual, and
watching the video(watched the video 15 or more times). The "trainer"
gave me the ok to hook up the pump with saline solution by myself. It's
amazing how simple this thing is. Last night was my first night sleeping
with the pump. It didn't bother me a bit. The reason why I wanted to do
this before the actual insulin is started is to figure out the ins and
outs. This way, I will know what is comfortable for me and how good the
tape is and so on. The trainer asked me if I was nervous about using the
pump and I said NO.

               The main reason for the trial run is because it is
difficult for me to stay in the hospital for a number of days. I am able
to see the endo first thing in the morning than I go over to see the
trainer to make sure that I am hooked up properly. I can go home the
same day. It's going to be along distance phone call for checking up. I
can handle that. They don't usually do that but with my knowledge and
trial run they figure that I should be OK. I know dealing with the
insulin is going to be a different story with basal and bolus rates. I
am pretty sure that I can handle it. I have wonderful support from my
husband and family members.

                It was a bit easier to buy the pump so quickly because
we do not have a insurance company to deal with. I know that the expense
is a huge factor and when the cost comes out of your own pocket it can
really hurt. We figure that you can't put a price tag on a persons
health. If it makes my life easier and longer it will be priceless.....
Sorry, to chat your ears off. Just had to share this with the people who
inspired me. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey Phillips

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/