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[IP] Hard to find veins?


> I blame it on when I was diagnosed in 1974, and spent 10 days 
> in the hospital, with blood draws done 4x/day. By the time I left the 
> hospital, it was nearly impossible to find a vein on either elbow location
> Anyone else have problems?  If so, were you "overstuck" at time of 
> diagnosis?
Dante wrote:  
 > you can count me on that list.  I was diagnosed at age 9 in 1979.  I 
> was in the hospital for a month and 4 times a day they would come in 
> and draw blood.  [SNIP]  My father......is the same way.  we have very 
> bad veins.  I think they are just tired of being poked all the time.

Bad veins???  nahhhh - they are SMART veins!!!!  If you got poked everytime
you walked into place that smelled of alcohol and people wore white and lime
green, wouldn't you want to shrink up so no one could find you too???

When I had my laparotomy in february, they poked me several times prior to the
surgery and had trouble every time, drawing blood and getting the necessary
IVs in was just impossible!  And this was AFTER a week of the same thing at
NYU when they thought I had diverticulitis.  After the surgery, it was even
worse!!!  my veins ain't no idiots!  How many times do you have to touch a hot
stove before you know its gonna hurt???  

But, since one of those IVs was for my morphine on-demand drip, I had to pull
a vein aside and give it a stern talking to...I had tubes coming out of the
most interesting places - back of forearm, side of hand...and nothing by big
black bruises in my elbows!!!  They won't use those big variocse veins in the
legs cuz they worry about clots or something...

In college, I had the greatest doc...he knew I sucked and rolled, and when it
came time to draw blood, he would let me lay down, turn down the bright lights
and do it himself using one of those baby butterfly needles.  I always request
those little butterflies now, but most plebotomists don't want to take all
that time - it is a MUCH smalled needle and doesn't suck with such a huge
vaccum, which is what cause me veins to suck up and strangulate themselves
around the needle.  

What I wonder is, how do drug addicts find veins so easy?  on tv, they always
show them wrapping the tourniquet around and a vein just popping up...Hey - I
had a nurse a few months ago who didnt even know how to tie the slip knot to
draw the blood...I taught him using my leg as the arm...needless to say, he
caused me immense pain, aggravation and bruising and he got nary a drop of
blood - I am tired of being practiced on my interns, residents and
students!!!!  give me the real thing or give me pills


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