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[IP] dna / cure?

this pill...this research...this all sounds related to the DPT (diabetes
prevention trial).

There is a genetic marker or something that tells the researchers if a person
has the *potential* to develop diabetes or not - NOT that they WILL but they
have the properly "defective" gene that is found in us...If they find this
gene or antigen or whatever the heck it is called, they will put you in this
study and follow you, provide insulin to "rest" the pancreas, and should you
be "lucky " enough to actually develop diabetes, you will know lots earlier
than most of us (probably without having to spend 3 days in the hospital)

If you have siblings, parents, neices or nephews and I think cousins,
aunts/uncles and grandparents, and you are between age 5 and 45, you can take
part - so Kasey - you can get checked thanks to Kayla,  Lily, Melissa,
Spencer, Kayla (etc.)'s siblings and cousins can be checked, etc..

I have a pamphlet on it and will post the 800 number if anyone wants it (it is
at home...)  You can get the simple blood test done any where and there are
clinics all over the US participating...

My sister hasnt done it for my neice and nephew - I think she is scared to
find out they have the antigen - but wouldn't you rather know NOW rather than
WAIT to get a call from the hospital that your kid/sister/brother/mom/dad is
in a coma?  I would - but then I guess I am strange (shut up Buddy - if you
are still out there!!!)

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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/