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[IP] Highs after eating

Barb wrote:

> Was told that I have gastropareis - but my blood sugars 1 1/2 hours 
> after I have eaten are sometimes as high as 250 (which is telling me 
> that I am absorbing my food quickly) by the 3rd or 4th hour I will be 
> back down in the low 100s.

Barb:  I do NOT have gastroparesis, but this same thing happens to me.  The
peak of whatever insulin you are using is DIFFERENT for EVERY person - all
that scientific formula stuff is fine, but you have to figure out YOUR own
peaks.  If I test 2 hours after a meal, I WILL be high, but 2 1/2 hours to 3
hours after, I will be absolutely fine.  I got in trouble when I started the
pump and was told to test 2 hours after eating....I would test, be high, and
bolus accordingly, then CRASH 1/2 to 1 hour later.  Velosulin just take 2 1/2
- - 3 hours to work for me.

So be cautious...just don't test 2 hours after....you already KNOW from
experience that you will be fine in one more hour, so what can you do?  you
sure can't cover for that high at 2 hours - or you will crash later, right?

you write:
> 2 hours after you eat and if it is high you know that you did not bolus 
> enough for your meal.  So I am then inclined to bolus some more - but 
> if I do I end up too low by the end of the 4th hour.

exactly my point... 2 hours is AVERAGE - maybe you, like me, are above and

> Does this sound like gastropareis?  


> I don't like seeing any numbers higher than 180 anymore 

I won't show you my log then, but really, just don't test 2 hours out...wait
another  1/2 hour or maybe an hour- that way you won't get stressed at seeing
those higher numbers!!  and wont be temped to bolus

> I guess I just wonder if I need to bolus more premeal (or 30 minutes
> premeal) to cover the high I seem to get even though it is short lived.

if you bolus MORE - you will crash lower 3 hours later.  If you are ending up
FINE at 3-4 hours, then you took the right amount...unless your basals are
covering you, but that is another subject - have you done basal testing?  As
for pre meal boluses. again, I am not average here - if I bolus 30 minutes
before the meal, and i am in a good to low range before I eat, I will crash
before I even pick up my salad fork!  Plus you may change your mind when you
see what is being served!  What if they told you it was some chicken dish with
bread stuffing and corn and you get your plate and it is covered in onions and
the corn is CREAMED corn - now if you are like me, you aren't gonna eat it,
cuz you HATE onions and creamed corn reminds you of something you once saw in
a baby's diaper...BUT you took insulin and are fixing to crash, so you eat
saltines and sugar packets while people look at your strangely and order a big
dessert, while they ask, arent you a diabetic - you can't eat THAT...but I
digress...this is just me and my mileage varying, as usual

> Or - should I just not check for 3 hours - then I would never know 
> that it went that high because my bs would start to be lower.

well, now that I have addressed your problem - seems like you have solved it
for yourself!!


keep at it!!!!


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