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Re: [IP] welcome caroline

    Sorry to disagree, but your info on the proteinuria was not what we
experienced. Melissa's been on Vasotec for 16 months now & when her latest 24
hr urine was done in May, the level of protein had dropped from 1500 to 288.
Her highest level had been up to 2600 mg. Another family out in California who
heard about her story opted to disregard their ped endo's suggestion to
severely curtail their 16 yr old diabetic son's protein intake. Instead, he
saw an adult nephrologist who immediately prescribed Vasotec also & his 400
mgs. of protein decreased to 60 mgs. A decrease of 80-90% is apparently not at
all surprising, according to Melissa's ped nephrologist. Of course, as with
all things related to medical scenarios, YMMV....

regards, Renee

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