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Re: [IP] Humalog versus Regular insulin profile

At 05:51 AM 10/02/1998  email @ redacted wrote:
>Sam, I agree this would be interesting, but how can we possibly

>know when
>the insulin absorption peaks?  We dont' have anyway to measure 
>this.  Just
>seeing when the BG falls depends on what and when you have
> I guess,
>one could test this by giving a bolus without eating and just 
>following the
>BG changes every half hour.  I've never done this.  Have you?

No, I've never done this... I just base my impressions on how
fast my BG tends to go down. If I've been relatively high (above
150/160), I never see any real benefits for at least 90 minutes.
I've had bad reactions, after meals that occurred 3-4 hours
after bolusing... even though my BG was OK 90 to 120 minutes
after the meal. So, I just "assumed" that for me H was on the
slow side. Not really scientific... but for me, I think
reasonably accurate.


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