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[IP] iv drips and sara's emoticon explained

Sally wrote: 

> I have never tolerated a bg greater than 200 but have been able to 
> hold a reasonable conversation with a bg of 5. 

As they say YMMV - I have no physical problem with a bs of 350, but have
severe mental cramps when I fall below 65...Of course if I am working out, I
might be as low as 45 and not realize it...that adrenaline or ephinephrine
keeps me PUMPEd up!!

*-)=B xoxx~~[507]   
and for anyone who wants to know....this emoticon signifies my blood-filled
right eye and hence no vision, my cute smile (see website), my long swanlike
neck (ha), my droopy boobs, the scar from my laparotomy which makes for a nice
zipper effect around my belly button and my pump - currently on short tubing

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