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[IP] welcome caroline


welcome!  I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10 1/2 and with Graves disease
(hyperthyroid) at age 17.  Did you have radioactive iodine treatment?  is that
why you are on synthroid?  I was on medication for a year, then was told the
graves was in remission and have never had any other problems with it.  My
sister and mom are hypothyroid (underactive) so they take synthroid

I use the MM507 and have been pumping almost 6 years

I have the next stage of microalbuminism...proteininuria, and I am also on ace
inhibitors...I take capoten...wish Id had a 24 hour urine while i was still in
the microalbuminism range - the ace inhibitors can halt and reverse the
problem then, but once it is to proteininuria (over 200 i think is the
number???)  the damage has been done and can not be reversed.

Only a 2nd cousin and a great aunt had (both passed away) diabetes in my

do you live near Lehigh River?  I was there last week to raft - what fun!!!  I
live in NYC


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/