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Yale wrote:

> Sara you raise an interesting point.  Recent reports have demonstrated 
> that if your A1c is high and you have retinopathy and you lower the A1c
> quickly (with or without a pump) the retinopathy can get worse for a 
> period of time.  To prevent this the retinopathy has to be treated by laser 
> photocoagulation before the A1c is lowered.  The long term results of 
> lowering the A1c this way are much better. 

Many people don't know this!!!  my a1cs were in the 12s and 13s when i had my
first bleed in late 1990.  I did not go on the pump until early 1993.
However, in that 2 year period, my control was not any better than it had been
pre=bleed, and I was lasered lots and lots and lots.  Just my lucky genes I
guess, or as the witch doctor says...some people just bleed and bleed and
bleed.  Once I went on the pump, and the a1cs 

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