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Re: [IP] The Best Endo

> My friend thought that as well so he did several "experiments.
> He is bolusing for the carbs, not the fats or proteins. He is then 
> extra insulin 7 hours later.

>. He said that he has tested
> through the night and the rise is not gradual but all at once 7 hours later.

I believe it. Probably has the same result with macaroni and cheese. 
My guess is that it has something to do with breaking down a protein 
fat mixture like cheese. I suspect the fat has to be 'rendered' 
before the digestive system can get at the truly digestable stuff. 
That takes time and thus the spike later after the fat is processed 
in the intestines much later in the process. This would not hold for 
steak where the protein tissue is available for attack immediately by 
stomach acid since the cell walls of the meat are pretty much 
destroyed by the cooking and chewing process.

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