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Re: [IP] frustration over bgs

    To add to this thread, just wanted to offer some additional advice on the
"perfection" approach to any goal. From my years of dieting disasters, I know
that I did more damage feeling badly about "blowing" my diet on one meal &
then berating myself for it, by eating even more!! When I started looking at
my WEEK as comprised of 21 meals, then one aberration didn't seem as
significant. Also used that approach when my girls were little & my mom would
comment on their eating habits.....just reassured her that they'd be having 20
other meals over the course of the week & I highly doubted they'd starve if
they skipped that one meal!! LOL....So, if you consider that you're checking
your bg at least 42 times per wk (6x7) if not more, then one or even two or
three readings over 200 should be acceptable to you. The pump gives you a
means to "fine=tune" your bg control...but it doesn't come with guaranteed
success and doesn't factor out the "variables". Sounds like you're doing a
terrific job & deserve a hearty self-pat on the back!!!

Regards, Renee

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