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[IP] fats and insulin discussion

What I continue to find almost every time I eat a meal from fast food =
(always a grilled chicken type), mexican or chinese, I have to add extra =
bolus units.  Those three meals always get me - but now I know how to work =
my system for it.   I eat very little fat, but kung pao chicken must be =
loaded with it or something.=20

>>> <email @ redacted> 10/02 2:51 PM >>>
Well Katie, I agree with both the doc and your friend.  Fats don't require
insulin for metabolism.  There's a lot of very convincing evidence for
that.  But I see the same effect after Mexican food.  chinese food , =
food, restaurant food, etc.  So what gives.  We all have our own theories.
Two possibilities: 1) the protein.  This has to be figured in, but unless
you have gastro, there's not much left of anything to digest 7-12 hours
after a meal.  So I'm not sure its all due to the protein.  One thought
that I'm currently investigating is that the metabolized fat somehow =
the body's need (maybe even the fat cells themselves) for glucose.  So
maybe a big fat meal does indeed alter your basal requirements half a day
later.  I wonder if there is any data on normal people regarding this.  =
dietary literature is often pretty spartan and spread out, but I'm =
And i'm going to a French restarange with my wife tonight, so I know I'll
need to square wave big time before bed :-).
- -wm

<<<<<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted=20

Yesterday a friend told me that his endo whom he trusts and respects, the =
who helped him achieve A1c of 5-6 and to get to 8% body fat has told him
something he doesn't think is right.

It was pertaining to calulating for fat. He eats Mexican food or some =
"splurge" food every friday and has documented his results maticulously.
First, he boluses for the full number of carbs in the meal, takes that =
just as
if there were no fats in the meal. Testing through the night all is fine, =
increases. Then seven hours later (repeatedly) his bgs rise. He has solved =
problem by reprogramming his basal rate for that evening.

His doctor insists that it is not the fats and that he is miscalculating.

I laughed and told him he had now enter the zone of knowing more than 90% =
the Diabetic Specialists out there. I told him to definitely go with what =
believes b/c the docs often miss the "YMMV." They may know that it is not =
"fat" (rather some melding of genetic codes <grn>) but we know the end
results. The practicality of eating a high fat meal. And that with each =
YMMV no matter what the doc says. - Katie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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