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[IP] Re: Chasing blood sugars

It sounds as though you are chasing the blood sugar. Indeed, you may be
under bolusing for the meal-270 is too high, but, you have to consider
the food you are eating and the type of bolus given. Perhaps the way
your body is digesting the food is slow. In this instance you may want
to do a square or dual wave bolus. Could be your basil at the time of
the meal is too low as well. If your sugar is low after compensating for
a high, then get ready for anohter high down the road. This is what is
comonly called "rebounding". The liver releases sugar in order to
compensate for the low. In the meantime you may be stuffing yourself to
bring the sugar back up. The result will surely be another high about an
hour after the fact. 

My advise; compensate for the carbs. Whatever you are eating is raising
the bg too high a level. experiment entil you get it right.

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