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Re: [IP] The Best Endo

Michael said, "The high is most probably caused by the fairly large amount of
protein in the form of meat and cheese in that type of food."

My friend thought that as well so he did several "experiments." Including
eating a ~12 oz elk steak which is considered one of the leanest pieces of
meat. He bolused for the carbs and did not have the high 7 hours later. He
repeated the meal with ~ same size marbled beef steak and had the 7 hour peak.

He's repeated the experiment with several types of fat Vs protein and always
gets the same results. This guys a "health nut" and very conscience of what he
eats. I definitely believe he is on the mark with his carb counting etc.

He is bolusing for the carbs, not the fats or proteins. He is then bolusing
extra insulin 7 hours later. He is taking extra insulin. He is not dividing
the insulin to take some now, some later. 

Also, I suggested he use a temporary basal change. He said that he has tested
through the night and the rise is not gradual but all at once 7 hours later.

Definitely proves YMMV. - Katie

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