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Re: RE: [IP] frustration over bgs

Michael, Katie, Marilyn, Mary Jean and Carol...
Thanks for all your good words - they did the job! I think trying for over =
200 only once a week is a good goal and I have made it mine this week!  =
Good suggestion.   Of course, I want perfection, but this group has made =
me see that perfection is making all reasonable efforts to prevent =
continued highs! =20
One interesting thing - my bg dropped from 366 to 187 in exactly two hours =
with a bolus of 14.  This confirms my earlier estimates about needing 1 =
unit =3D 13 bg points and past experience shows me that my humalog peaks =
in about 1 hr 45 minutes.  Another small bolus, about 3.5 to 4 units will =
do it for me. =20
Thanks again for all your help, I am going to bolus and get a carton of =
yogurt!  Or maybe I will have one of Yale's beautiful and virtual =
Have a good weekend, all y'all!

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