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Re: [IP] The Best Endo

> A1c of 5-6 and to get to
> 8% body fat has told him something he doesn't think is right.
> It was pertaining to calulating for fat. He eats Mexican food or
> some other "splurge" food every friday and has documented his
> results maticulously. First, he boluses for the full number of carbs
> in the meal, takes that just as if there were no fats in the meal.
> Testing through the night all is fine, no increases. Then seven
> hours later (repeatedly) his bgs rise. 

The Doc is right, sorta...

The high is most probably caused by the fairly large amount of 
protein in the form of meat and cheese in that type of food. Both 
convert to glucose very slowly but nontheless contribute 
significantly to bg rise. In addition, the high fat content slows 
down the normal digestion of this type of food and masks (delays ) 
the problem until many hours after the food is eaten. My daughter has 
experienced the same problem with repeatable results. If you bother 
to calculate the equivalent carbs for the meat/cheese, the bolus 
(later) or a temp basal rate to offset the increase can readily be 
calculated. Or.... you can wing it like my daughter does and bolus an 
extra few units about 4 -5 hours later.
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