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Re: [IP] MiniMed's Sof-Set

> To my fellow MiniMed Pumpers...Since I'm really new at using the
> pump, I am experiencing a problem.. it seems every time I change my
> Sof-Set, my BG readings go threw the roof and I'm am showing
> ketones(something new for me)..MiniMed suggested I change to the
> Silhouette.. Has anyone experienced the same problems... with SQ
> injections and over an 8 hr. period, my readings come into line..

Make sure you bolus the 5 units and observe a drip at the end of the 
cannula prior to insertion.  It will probably also help to leave the 
old set in place for a while after changing to prevent loss of 
insulin through because of seepage from the wound.

Humalog wait 2 hours
Regular of Velosulin 4 hours
email @ redacted

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