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Re: [IP] frustration over bgs

<<  Just this morning I had gone four whole days with good readings and
wouldn't you know it, had a slice of toast and fat free cheese on the run,
forgot to bolus - and just checked to find a 366!!!! Damn!!  Most of the time
it is site problems causing it to go up, then I go and do something stupid
like forget!!! And its lunch time and I am hungry and Ican't eat now.   >>


Boy, I hear you!  Just yesterday, for instance.  I got up late, didn't have
time to make coffee before heading down to campus.  Figured I'd get some there
(must have that caffeine!).  I got in line and smelled the espresso drinks
they were making and decided, what the heck, I'll get a latte instead of a
plain coffee.  I even asked how much milk they put in it.  I should know
better than to trust someone else to make my latte.  An hour and a half after
I drank it, my bg was 236! (it had been 93 before....)  It totally messed up
my whole day, because I couldn't eat lunch during my break between classes.  I
ended up eating a carton of yogurt at 4:00, when I finally got done.

The good side of all this is that because of my pump, I was able to correct
for the high, knowing precisely the amount I would need to bring me down. I
was able to go several hours without eating because there is no "surprise"
insulin lurking in my bloodstream, waiting to drag me under. 

I wouldn't trade my pump for the world, but I would sure trade diabetes for a
cure any day!  Even with the pump, it still bites!

Mary Jean

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