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[IP] frustration over bgs

Hi Group:
I just need to vent a little over my frustration over not being able to =
meet a personal goal.....I want, just because, to go for a week (or more) =
without a bg reading over 200.  I have come so very close - 6 days with =
everything almost under 150 - then a site problem will send that to 280 or =
more.  Just this morning I had gone four whole days with good readings and =
wouldn't you know it, had a slice of toast and fat free cheese on the run, =
forgot to bolus - and just checked to find a 366!!!! Damn!!  Most of the =
time it is site problems causing it to go up, then I go and do something =
stupid like forget!!! And its lunch time and I am hungry and Ican't eat =
now.  Y'all are the only ones that understand this kind of frustration.  I =
am grateful for each and every one of you....and I am grateful for no =
hospital trips over lows...and I am grateful that I have a pump most of =
all.  I will get to a week or more of under 200 some day.  Thanks for =
being here!

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