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[IP] The Best Endo

Marilyn White wrote:
> he is supposed to be
>  the best endo who specializes in DM

Yesterday a friend told me that his endo whom he trusts and respects, the endo
who helped him achieve A1c of 5-6 and to get to 8% body fat has told him
something he doesn't think is right.

It was pertaining to calulating for fat. He eats Mexican food or some other
"splurge" food every friday and has documented his results maticulously.
First, he boluses for the full number of carbs in the meal, takes that just as
if there were no fats in the meal. Testing through the night all is fine, no
increases. Then seven hours later (repeatedly) his bgs rise. He has solved his
problem by reprogramming his basal rate for that evening.

His doctor insists that it is not the fats and that he is miscalculating. 

I laughed and told him he had now enter the zone of knowing more than 90% of
the Diabetic Specialists out there. I told him to definitely go with what he
believes b/c the docs often miss the "YMMV." They may know that it is not the
"fat" (rather some melding of genetic codes <grn>) but we know the end
results. The practicality of eating a high fat meal. And that with each person
YMMV no matter what the doc says. - Katie

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