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[IP] hard to find veins?

    Twenty years ago, when I was pregnant (and before the advent of home
glucose monitors) I would go to my HMO 3x a day, several days each week,
for blood tests.  Totally ruined the veins in my right arm (too
scarred), but I still have a reasonable one in my left arm.  I don't
even offer the right arm to the techs any longer.  BTW, it was really
exciting that morning (20 years ago) when the lab called to ask if I'd
gotten home okay from my 3:00 p.m. blood work because when they finally
ran the test my blood sugar was 26!  Actually, I got home fine but had
to drive with one eye closed because I had double vision.  (Also during
this time my blood sugar went low enough that I fully understood why
900+ people in Jonestown would commit suicide en masse.  Anything can
make sense at times like that!)
Vicki McDonald

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