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Highs after set changes, was: Re: [IP] MiniMed's Sof-Set


I'm not a MiniMed pumper (I use a Disetronic), but I have a few suggestions:

1) How long are you disconnected while changing your set? Many "new"
pumpers take a bit longer to change sets. This time off the pump, in
conjunction with the added "stress" of being new to set changes may cause
your BG to go high. One trick I used was to give a small bolus *before*
disconnecting my old set. The amount of this bolus was equal to the amount
of insulin I would not receive while disconnected.

2)  The SofSet requires a .5 unit bolus to fill the cannula, once the
introducer needle is removed. This bolus is in addition to what you might
normally need for your meal. The Silhouette requires very close to .8 units
- - most recommend using a 1.0 unit bolus to fill the space in the Silhouette
once the needle is removed. Some folks use less of a prime for the
Silhouette / Tender cannula (use .5 units) if their BG is normal or low.

3)  Do you change your set before meal time? I've always done this, because
it reduces the likelihood of any small amount of blockage at the end of the
cannula or needle. My meal bolus, given right after changing my set, will
clear away any small amount of tissue or other blockage.

4)  Make sure the pump driver arms are properly seated against the
reservoir plunger, before priming the new tubing. If these arms are slack
at all, the plunger won't move properly. It might eventually start moving,
but by then, your BGs are already too high. I think the manual recommends a
5 unit "prime" to properly seat the driver arms against the plunger.

Michael will likely suggest leaving the old set in for a period of time
equal to the amount of time the insulin is normally active - around 2 hours
for Humalog, 4 - 5 hours for Velosulin / Regular. This is reported by some
to take care of any "leakage" of insulin from the old site, when the old
set is removed. I never needed to do this - the tricks I suggested in # 1 -
# 3 always worked well for me. But, as in all things diabetic and all
things pumping, YMMMV.

Pat wrote:

>To my fellow MiniMed Pumpers...Since I'm really new at using the pump, I
>am experiencing a problem.. it seems every time I change my Sof-Set, my
>BG readings go threw the roof and I'm am showing ketones(something new
>for me)..MiniMed suggested I change to the Silhouette.. Has anyone
>experienced the same problems... with SQ injections and over an 8 hr.
>period, my readings come into line..

Bob Burnett

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