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Re: [IP] Humalog versus Regular insulin profile

Sam, I agree this would be interesting, but how can we possibly know when
the insulin absorption peaks?  We dont' have anyway to measure this.  Just
seeing when the BG falls depends on what and when you have eaten.  I guess,
one could test this by giving a bolus without eating and just following the
BG changes every half hour.  I've never done this.  Have you? Has anyone?
- -wm

it would be interesting to have a poll of pumpers using H and
see what our real life pumping experience is. From everything
that I read here (and my own personal experience) I think
1.5-2hrs is more typical for the peak. I would suspect that a
peak in only 1/2 hour would be very rare... and would make using
it in a pump very tricky.


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