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[IP] IV Glucose, EMS, etc.

More FYI -

Glucose is damaging if it is infused outside of the vein - if the IV
catheter misses the vein, goes through the vein, etc. - in which case the
tissue contacting glucose will necrose.  This rarely happens as those in
healthcare are diligent about proper IV placement.

Most people in the field who can give IV glucose can give IM glucagon.  The
situation is the same in the field as it is in the ED - you keep trying
until you get a vein if glucagon is not an option.

Veins that are overused tends to collapse - think horror stories about
heroin addicts who shoot up in their neck because they have collapsed the
rest of their veins.  There is always a way to get IV access, though, even
if it means a cutdown: opening the skin to have direct access to the veins.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/