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[IP] Highs after eating

Thanks to all for your replies - but I think I was misunderstood.  I will
try to explain it better.

I Was told that I have gastropareis - but my blood sugars 1 1/2 hours after
I have eaten are sometimes as high as 250 (which is telling me that I am
absorbing my food quickly) by the 3rd or 4th hour I will be back down in the
low 100s.

I have read a lot on this list re: check your bs 2 hours after you eat and
if it is high you know that you did not bolus enough for your meal.  So I am
then inclined to bolus some more - but if I do I end up too low by the end
of the 4th hour.

Does this sound like gastropareis?  I may have it but maybe it is better
with the pump.

My problem is still there - I don't like seeing any numbers higher than 180
anymore (funny to think that pre-pump 300 was acceptable LOL)

I guess I just wonder if I need to bolus more premeal (or 30 minutes
premeal) to cover the high I seem to get even though it is short lived.

Or - should I just not check for 3 hours - then I would never know that it
went that high because my bs would start to be lower.


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